Lottery Credit

The lottery and gaming credit are direct property tax relief to qualifying taxpayers in the form of a credit on their property tax bill.  To qualify for a Wisconsin State Lottery and Gaming Credit, you must attest and prove that you are the owner of the affected property and that it was your primary residence as of January 1.  The Wisconsin Department of Revenue defines your primary residence as where you live most of the time.  When you are temporarily away, it is the home to which you intend to return.

Who can claim this credit?

You may claim a lottery and gaming credit if, on January 1, you are a Wisconsin resident, you are a recorded owner of the property and the property is your primary residence.  You can have only one primary residence and you may only claim one credit.  

You cannot claim this credit on business property, rental units, land, garages or other properties that are not your primary residence.       A non-Wisconsin resident cannot claim this credit.

If you meet these requirements, you may claim the lottery and gaming credit by completing the online application form and returning it to the Sawyer County Treasurer's Office.  Do not complete this form if you do not qualify for the credit. The Wisconsin Department of Revenue will be auditing lottery and gaming credit claims.  Note that Wisconsin State Statutes require that you notify the County Treasurer within 30 days after you no longer qualify for the credit because you no longer own the property, or no longer use it as your primary residence.

Lottery and Gaming Credit Form 

Lottery and Gaming Common Questions