Tree Cutting Permits

Sawyer County’s revised Notice of Timber Cutting is effective 11/18/21

Use the following Notice of Timber Cutting Form:

Notice of Timber Cutting Form

Ways to file:

  • In person at the County Clerk's Office
  • Email:
  • Mail to County Clerk 10610 Main Street, Ste. 10, Hayward, WI  54843
  • Fax to 715-634-3666

If the parcel is under MFL-Managed Forest, it is the landowner’s responsibility to ensure the plan is filed with the Department of Natural Resources. 

Per Wis. Stats. 26.03 (1m) “Harvesting upon notification. (a) 1.   Unless otherwise authorized to do so by the county, no person may harvest any raw forest products, or direct the harvesting of any raw forest products, from any land until 14 days after the clerk of the county in which the land is located is notified of the person’s proposal to harvest. The person shall notify the county clerk each year and may do so in any manner acceptable to the county…”

Disclaimer…Sawyer County hereby disclaims any liability regarding the statutory issuance of the cutting notices as well as any contractual liability resulting from such issuance.  Each party, the loggers and the landowners are responsible for their own legal interests for any and all contracts, agreements and legal arrangements-the County does not provide any legal advice to the parties.  They are hereby advised to seek their own counsel as necessary.  Parties are reminded however of their legal obligation to provide the Clerk with accurate and up-to-date information so that the notices are as accurate as possible.