Huber Information


Exercising Huber privileges for:
Full-time employment; part-time employment that is at minimum of 24 hours.
Job searching
Jail community service

Huber inmates are allowed to exercise Huber for one of the above options. Will not be allowed to do a full time job and housekeeping and/or school.

Part time workers must work a minimum of 24 hours a week in order to earn enough to pay Huber fees.

Allowable activities as Huber inmate:
Medical appointments
Court appearances
Working Huber inmates arrange their own medical appointments, submit requests (3 days in advance) for approval from Huber officer, must also be identified on weekly Huber schedule form.

Non-working Huber inmates will use medical and mental health professionals in the jail.


Working huber inmates are responsible for their own medical and dental care. Non-working huber inmates will use the jail nurse/doctor for medical needs. The following procedures will be followed.

Inmates must first be approved to exercise their huber privileges for work.

Inmate will make necessary appointment.

Inmate will submit appointment slip and Huber Appointment form to the jail nurse for verification and approval.
Appointments will not be approved when turned in with less than two days notice (exceptions for emergency room only).

Appointments will be included on weekly Huber work schedules for the Huber officer’s approval when scheduling time out of jail.

Inmate must return the Huber Appointment Form and the Medical Visit Findings and Recommendations Form upon return from medical appointments.