Board of Appeals Public Hearing Procedures


  1. The Public Hearing before the Sawyer County Board of Appeals begins at 6 p.m. in the Circuit Courtroom in:
    • Sawyer County Courthouse
      10610 Main Street
      Hayward, Wisconsin
    • The hearing agenda will be posted at the door.
  2. The Chairman of the Board of Appeals will call the Hearing to order and roll call will be entered. The Chairman will instruct the audience on the rules for the Hearing and the public hearing notice.
  3. The hearing is tape recorded. It is important that you speak clearly and loud enough for everyone to hear. We ask for quiet in the audience as the recorder will pick up background noise as well.
  4. Either the Zoning Administrator or the Assistant Zoning Administrator will read the first application on the Agenda. After reading the application the file will be submitted to the Board. Next, the Town Board decision is read followed by the opinion letters. The Chairman will then ask if the owner of the property or the owner's agent is present. If present, the owner/agent should raise his/her hand to be recognized. Once recognized by the Chairman, the owner/agent will approach the lectern and deliver their presentation. Maps, photographs and other documents should be presented at that time. The Board members will ask questions and will expect factual responses.
  5. The Chairman will then ask for testimony from anyone else present who wishes to speak in favor of the application. After the conclusion of the "in favor" testimony, the Chairman will ask for testimony from those persons present who object to the application. After the "objection" testimony has been presented, the Chairman will provide the applicant the opportunity to rebut this testimony.
  6. The members of the Board will discuss the application and then make a motion to approve, deny or table the application. Findings of Fact will submitted into the record. The file will then be closed and the next application will be read into the record. Applicants and other interested parties may depart the Courtroom after a decision has been given by the Board on their application. Applicants will receive formal notification by mail of the Board's decision.