Guidelines for Obtaining Land Use Permits


  1. Obtain the complete legal description of the real estate on which you desire to build.
  2. Check the zone district of the property. Some of the zone districts may prohibit the type of use in the building you wish to construct. If the zone district lists the use under Conditional Uses, then a different procedure is followed which requires a series of public hearings.
  3. Check the Wetland Inventory Map and the Floodplain Map.
  4. Compare the property lot size with the zone district requirements in which the parcel is located and the Lake Class Developments Standards table to determine if the parcel meets the minimum parcel size and the required setbacks can be met. Property owners must ensure that they know their property's boundaries (lot lines) prior to applying for a Land Use Permit. A surveyor should be contacted if the location of lot lines is in doubt.
  5. To construct a new dwelling, seasonal or year round, on vacant property:
    • Apply for a Fire number, (911)
    • Check the zone district and check the lot size
    • Check the dimensional requirements, Sawyer County has minimum floor area requirements for habitable structures.
    • A Certified Soil Test is required. A Wisconsin Certified Soil Tester must conduct this test and the original filed in this office. A list of local is available under providers.Only a Wisconsin licensed Master Plumber or Master Restricted Service may install the system.
    • Contact a plumber to obtain the Sanitary Permit. A list of local licensed plumbers is available under providers. The Sanitary Permit must be issued before the Land Use Permit will be issued.
    • The dwelling must meet minimum setback requirements (i.e. from roads, lot lines, private sewage systems, watercourses, wetlands, wells etc.)
    • Obtain and complete an Application for Land Use Permit. Applications are available online or in our office.