The following is quoted from the Sawyer County Zoning Ordinance:

9.2 Land Use Permits


  1. Except where another section of this ordinance specifically exempts certain types of development from this requirement, a permit shall be obtained from the Zoning Administrator before any new development is initiated or the placement of, construction of, or alteration of, or addition to any structure is initiated.
  2. No land use permit shall be issued for a structure designed or intended for human use or occupancy before a Fire number, Certified Soil Test and Sanitary application is filed in the office of the Zoning Administrator.
  3. The Zoning Administrator shall not issue a permit for a structure or a use not in conformity with the requirements of this ordinance.
  4. The fee for filing applications for land use permits shall be established by the County Zoning Committee. A copy of the current fee schedule shall be posted in the office of the Zoning Administrator.
    • A permit fee shall be waived for the placement of, or construction of, or alteration of, or addition to any structure whereby the placement contains 100 square feet or less; the structure to be constructed contains 100 square feet or less; or an alteration or addition results in an increase of 100 square feet or less. An application must still be filed with the Zoning Department.
    • No land use permit shall be issued for any structure moved or placed that does not have an approximate assessed value of surrounding structures within 500 feet. Determination of assessed value shall be established by the Town Assessor.
  5. Within 12 months after the land use permit issue date, all buildings or structures indicated on the permit that are intended for human use or occupancy shall be completely enclosed.
Note: The following comment is not a part of the ordinance requirements, but rather reflects usual office practice. Typically up to a 6 month is extension is granted to the expiration date of a land use permit if the property owner can demonstrate a need for the extension before the expiration date of issued permit.

9.22 Application Procedure

An application for a land use permit shall be made to the Zoning Administrator upon forms furnished by the county and shall include the following:
  • Name and address of applicant and property owner.
  • Legal description of the property and type of proposed use.
  • Scaled maps or drawings showing accurately the location, size and shape of the lot(s) involved, and of any proposed structure; including the relation to abutting roads, watercourses, and the existing and proposed use of each structure.
  • Other information requested on the permit application deemed necessary by the Zoning Administrator for proper enforcement of these regulations.

9.23 Expiration

A land use permit shall expire 12 months from the date of issuance if no action has begun on the project within that time.

General Requirements for Obtaining a Land Use Permit

  • Apply for a Fire Number.
  • Have a Certified Soil Test done.
  • Have a Wisconsin licensed plumber apply for a Sanitary Permit.
  • Contact the Zoning Office for a Land Use Application or print one from our website.
  • Apply for and pay the fee for the Land Use Permit prior to beginning construction. Citations and orders for removal may apply in those instances where construction begins without the issue of the proper permits.
  • Town permits may also be required. Contact the respective Town Clerk.
  •  Contact the  Uniform Dwelling Code inspector for inspections that are needed.
  •  A Grading Permit is needed for excavating over 10,000 feet.
  • Check Flood Plain requirements.

Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code (UDC)

The UDC is a statewide uniform standard for the construction and inspection of all 1 and 2 family dwellings of which the original construction began after June 1, 1980. Some townships require inspection on other structures.  Contact the Township you are located in.

The City of Hayward, and all Towns and Villages are enforcing the UDC as required by the State of Wisconsin. Contact your local UDC inspector for information about inspections in your township or municipality. Click in the links for a list of UDC inspectors and their respective inspection localities. These permits are in addition to any permits required by the Zoning Office.