Land Records / Surveyor


The Land Information Office will provide efficient and high quality services to its residents and county departments by maintaining land records in an efficient manner, completing and improving county wide tax and assessment parcel mapping, and improving online public access to land records such as county surveyor records.


  • Maintain accurate database of real estate ownership
  • Review and list conveyances
  • Transfer ownership
  • Contact drafters of documents when errors are found
  • Notify Department of Natural Resources with any changes to Managed Forest Law lands
  • Input assessment values and balance with local assessors
  • Print assessment rolls
  • Submit all parcel information to the State of Wisconsin
  • Update tax bill mailing addresses
  • Work with local assessors, clerks, and treasurers to print and send accurate tax bills
  • Map parcel boundaries based on legal descriptions and surveys
  • Maintain countywide GIS layers
  • Provide access to aerial photography
  • Assign new fire numbers and maintain property address system
  • Provide GIS data to land professionals
  • Create custom maps
  • Create informative interactive web maps
  • Review Certified Survey Maps and Subdivision Plats
  • File plats of survey and tie sheet records
  • Re-monument PLSS corners
  • Provide coordinates of PLSS corners