The Sawyer County Forest contains 114,000 acres in 7 blocks around the county. These blocks contain a variety of tree species in each and are managed for timber, game and non-game animals and recreation. These public lands are open to all. There are designated snowmobile, ATV, bicycle, hiking and hunter walking trails available.

The Sawyer County Forestry and Parks Department is updating the Sawyer County Forest Comprehensive Land Use Plan.  This document develops and establishes the guidelines and framework for the management and administration of the Sawyer County Forest.  The current plan is valid through 2020 and the new plan would come into effect in 2021 and run through 2035.

The chapters of the plan will be revised throughout the remainder of 2020, several chapters at a time.  All draft chapters will be reviewed by the Land, Water, and Forest Resources Committee during their regularly scheduled monthly meetings.  Once the Committee has approved draft chapters they will be uploaded to the county website and be available for public review and comment.  All public input and comments for each draft chapter will be shared with the Committee and the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting.  After a review of all public comments, additional modifications to each draft chapter may be required.

To submit comments please send an e-mail to, or a letter to Sawyer County Forestry Department 10610 Main Street, Suite 100 Hayward, WI  54843 with the chapter number, section number along with any comments or other input.

Chapters will be available for public comment for 30 days, and will again be available for comment when the final draft of the plan is completed.

Thank you for your interest and looking forward to seeing your comments and input on the Sawyer County Forest Comprehensive Land Use Plan.