2000 - 2020 Census Comparisons


Township2000 Census2010 Census2020 Census
City of Hayward2,1292,3182,533
Town of Bass Lake2,2442,3772,731
Town of Couderay469401393
Town of Draper171204241
Town of Edgewater586519565
Town of Hayward3,2793,5673,765
Town of Hunter765678779
Town of Lenroot1,1651,2791,337
Town of Meadowbrook146131134
Town of Meteor170158156
Town of Ojibwa267249307
Town of Radisson465405445
Town of Round Lake9629771,081
Town of Sand Lake774813901
Town of Spider Lake391351487
Town of Weirgor370332311
Town of Winter9699601,000
Village of Couderay968881
Village of Exeland212196229
Village of Radisson222241273
Village of Winter344313325
County Totals16,19616,55718,074