Animal Control

The Sawyer County Dog Pound accepts stray dogs only from within the County boundaries. Prior to the deliverance of a stray dog, please contact the pound for space availability. The Sawyer County Animal Control/Humane Officer responds to animal related complaints throughout Sawyer County. In addition to education and the enforcement of local ordinances regarding animal welfare, the Sawyer County Animal Control Officer enforces state statutes, county ordinances governing regulation, licensing, impoundment, treatment and disposal of animals.

Self-Service Dog Licensing Site Here

Animal Complaints

For all animal related complaints in Sawyer County, call the Sawyer County Dog Pound. If your call is an animal related emergency that requires immediate attention, contact the Sawyer County Sheriff's Department at 715-634-5213.

Animal Surrender

If you own an animal that you can no longer keep, contact the Northwood's Humane Society at 715-634-5394.