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Public Safety 12/10/2010

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Public Safety Meeting – December 10, 2010 – 8:30 a.m.
Assembly Room - Sawyer County Courthouse

Members present:  Fred Zietlow (Chair), Ken Maki, Dale Thompson, Mel Olson

Others present:  Warren Johnson, Sheriff Jim Meier, Chief Deputy Brigette Kornbroke, Lt. Kurt Barthel, VSO Ray Boeckman, Animal Control Officer Sherrie Shelton, Ambulance/Emergency Government Director Brian Cody, 911 Coordinator Rose Lillyroot, Coroner Dave Dokkestul, Clerk of Court Anne Marie Danielson, Sheriff Elect Mark Kelsey, Human Resources Manager Carol Larson, Terrell Boettcher

Chairman Zietlow called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.

Motion by Thompson, seconded by Maki, to approve the agenda.  Motion carried.

Motion by Maki, seconded by Thompson, to approve the minutes of the November 5, 2010, meeting.  Motion carried. 

Sheriff’s Report:

Sheriff Meier presented the monthly department report, acknowledging the shooting in the Town of Bass Lake. 

The request to fill vacancy in jailer position(s) was deferred to the scheduled closed session. 

Sheriff Meier informed the committee that Sawyer County was awarded a grant in the amount of $209,665 for implementation of a TraCs system.  The money will pay the cost of placing 25 new computers and printers in squad cars.  The equipment and software will allow deputies to enter citations and accident reports electronically and automatically enter them into the court and DOT database.  This will not only eliminate the need to write citations and accident reports manually, it will also eliminate the need for staff in the Clerk of Courts office to enter manually written citations into the data base.  To eliminate dead spots and increase the reliability and range of the system within the County, the Sheriff's Department is requesting a $30,000 expenditure to upgrade the emergency services wireless network by installing another transmission site on the Chippewa Trail hill.  Following discussion on options, motion by Thompson, seconded by Zietlow, to recommend to the Finance Committee and County Board that the installation of an additional data network base station be approved and the $30,000 be taken from remaining funds in the 2010 Sheriff's Department budget.  Motion carried 3-1, with Maki opposed. 


Chief Deputy Kornbroke reviewed that the Post Office said if the County closed its Post Office boxes and went to delivered mail, the mail would be delivered by 10:00 a.m.  Due to its location on the route, the Sheriff's Department mail is being delivered at 3:00 p.m.  In addition, mail addressed to the Sheriff's Department Post Office Box is sent to Minneapolis prior to being forwarded to the Department's mail box.  This causes a delivery delay.  Kornbroke said that delay can be problematic with time-sensitive mail, such as restraining orders, paper services, and items from the State crime lab.  Motion by Zietlow, seconded by Thompson, to recommend to the County Board that the Sheriff's Department go back to a Post Office Box for mail delivery.  Motion carried. 


Motion by Thompson, seconded by Zietlow, to approve out of county travel as presented.  Motion carried. 

Motion by Maki, seconded by Thompson, to approve the Sheriff’s Department vouchers as presented.  Motion carried.

Lt. Barthel presented the monthly jail report to the committee.  Maki said he read the inspection report from the State of Wisconsin and commended Barthel for the high marks received. 

Animal Control:

Animal Control Officer Shelton presented her monthly report to the committee.  She commented that animal neglect calls are starting to come in now that colder weather has arrived.  Shelton reported that she was contacted by the Public Health Officer from the City of Racine for advice on animal care facilities.  The City of Racine is experiencing problems and the State Humane Officer referred her to Shelton.  Maki commended Shelton for being a "go to" example recognized by the State. 

Thompson moved and Olson seconded to approve the Animal Control vouchers as presented.  Motion carried.

Veterans Report:

VSO Ray Boeckman provided the committee with a report on the solar system operations and resulting savings for electric costs.   He said that the ad for the Assistant VSO position will be in the local newspapers in December and January and interviews will be scheduled for the February meeting. 


Thompson moved and Zietlow seconded to approve the Veteran’s Department vouchers as presented.  Motion carried.

Coroner’s Report:

Coroner Dokkestul presented his monthly report. 


Zietlow moved and Olson seconded to approve the Coroner vouchers as presented.  Motion carried. 


Ambulance/Emergency Government Report:

Brian Cody presented his monthly report and statistics.  He reviewed the status of various grant applications for communication equipment. 


Cody presented a recommendation from Life Quest for rate increases for 2011, including an estimate of the resulting increase in anticipated ambulance revenues.  Motion by Thompson, seconded by Maki, to recommend to the County Board approval of the recommended rate increases.  Motion carried. 


Motion by Olson, seconded by Thompson, to approve out-of-county travel for Cody as presented.  Motion carried. 


Thompson moved and Olson seconded to approve the Ambulance/Emergency Government vouchers as presented.  Motion carried

Other Matters for Discussion Only

County Clerk Kris Mayberry presented a proposal for changing the meeting schedule of the standing committees so they are held on a "date-certain".  Under the proposal, the Public Safety Committee would meet on the Wednesday morning the week before the County Board meeting.  Cody said he would have a conflict with that schedule (Note: Mayberry later revised the schedule to set the Public Safety Committee on the Thursday morning the week before the County Board meeting). 


Thompson moved and Olson seconded to go into closed session, pursuant to Wis. Stat. 19.85(1)(f) for the purpose of providing an update on disciplinary action(s).  Motion carried.  (Minutes of closed sessions are kept in a confidential file in the Sawyer County Clerk’s Office.)

Zietlow moved and Thompson seconded to return to open session as noticed on the agenda.  Motion carried. 


Thompson moved and Olson seconded to advertise to create a new eligibility list for jailers.  Motion carried. 


Olson moved and Thompson seconded to adjourn.  Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:55 a.m.



Minutes submitted by Carol Larson