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Zoning and Conservation 11/04/2010

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Sawyer County Zoning and Conservation Committee

November 4, 2010


Committee Members Present: Jim Bassett, Bruce Paulsen, Warren Johnson, Fred Zietlow, Chuck Gunderson, Bernie Kadlec.


Others Present: Kris Mayberry, County Clerk; Dianne Ince, County Treasurer; Phil Nies – Bass Lake; Len Eckerly – Hunter; Dave Kafura, DNR; Tom Aartila, DNR;  Mike Koehler, NRCS;  Dale Olson – ZAC Administrator; Cindy Yackley – Deputy Zoning Administrator; Terrell Boettcher – Sawyer County Record.


The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Chairman Bassett.


Motion by Bassett, second by Paulsen to approve the agenda. Motion Carried.


Motion by Paulson, second by Gunderson to approve the October minutes. Motion Carried.


Audience Recognition



Placid Lake Diversion Canal

Kafura informed committee that a public informational hearing was held to make comments. One written comment was received to date and that the public comment period expires November 5.  A summary will then be compiled of both oral and written comments. Because of an objection they received, by state statute there is a 120 day waiting period before a decision can be made.


Highway E Culvert Project

Olson passed out photos of the culvert that were taken on October 19th and said that the Highway Dept. did an excellent job. The amount of flow went from around 8 CFS (cubic feet per second) to 4 in each tube. In talking about culverts acting like a dam, it dropped the water level upstream around 10 inches. Olson stated that this is one of the better projects that have been done.


Contract signing authority

Olson stated he received an e-mail from Richard Castelnouvo from the Department of Ag, Trade and Consumer Protection regarding a response to Olson’s inquiry regarding authorization to sign cost share agreements. Castelnouvo’s response was that State Statute 92.09 allows the committee power to authorize or delegate a staff member the authority to sign the contracts. Zietlow motions and Gunderson seconds to delegate Olson and authorizes him to sign the contracts. Olson is to continue to inform the committee of submitted contracts on a monthly basis. Motion carried. Kafura stated that it would speed the process up from the DNRs standpoint and it would be a good thing for the applicants.


Northern Lakes Co-op finance charges

Olson informed the committee that he had spoken with the billing department and that they were unaware of our voucher process. The finance charge that was applied has been waived and that no finance charges would be added in the future.


Nelson Lake Septic Survey

Copies of the survey report were handed out to the committee. The report indicated that 44 systems were failed. Of those, 30 systems have already or are in the process of being corrected. Olson is to contact Corp Council for direction on how to handle those owners with systems that have not been corrected or even allowed on the property for future inventories. This issue will be placed on a future agenda for discussion on the results.


Price Dam

Olson stated that with all the rain, all the dams were opened. There still is some tweaking that needs done on the dam, but it’s doing much better than it was. Johnson stated that he doesn’t think it’s working very well. He passed around some photos of the water running over the roads and said he has been monitoring the gates and gate levels. The gates stayed open for a long time and the lake went down to the level it’s suppose to be. Then they (town) put it back on the automatic controls and the next day the lake was up 3 inches.  Kafura stated that they are having trouble maintaining flows down stream. Johnson stated the automated system is not working well and is hoping to apply for a grant next spring. He said he thinks it’s tweakable, but it’s frustrating. The sub-committee will be holding another meeting to discuss this more.



The grant approval has been received and the committee had received copies prior to the meeting. Olson stated that input should be obtained from Sawyer County Lakes Forum. Phil Nies stated that there were 5 people of the Forum willing to look at the proposed language that Bill Christman had drawn up prior to his retirement, and would come back to the committee with a recommendation.


Round Lake litigation and watershed management issues, including engineering services to review alternatives.

Kris Mayberry stated that he has received an order for dismissal based on the agreement that was made. The DNR has submitted a proposal on the water level and the key is to move forward and getting the issues resolved. A bid from SEH was received and copies passed out. Paulson motions to spend up to $8,000.00 with SEH to complete the study that was outlined and forward the request to the Finance Committee and County Board. Mayberry stated that those funds would come from the Resource Development Fund. Johnson Second the motion. Motion Carried. Olson passed out photos and stated that there was no water going through the channel. Also other photos showing the placement of logs and debris that someone had placed for blockage. The level of the dam was discussed and Kafura gave a report on his findings after he, Dan Houston and Tom Aatila were out to conduct the ordinary high water mark of the lake. Copies of Kafura’s letter were passed out.  The DNR’s determination that the OHWM will be 77.27 was discussed.

Review letter to request In-Rem bids

Dianne Ince, County Treasurer, reported that there are approximately 250 unpaid and delinquent tax parcels and requests approval to begin abstracting the 2006 delinquent parcels.  Motion by Paulson, Second by Johnson to approve. Motion carried.


Land Sale Concerns

Ince reported that three applications have been filed by Don Thorp for the minimum bid amounts on parcels 12, 34 and 42 that were not sold during the land sale, totaling an additional $8,700.00. Motion by Gunderson, Second by Johnson to approve. Motion carried.

Mayberry informed the committee that all of the deeds have been drafted except for the one historic portage trail. Darrell Thompson having the best local knowledge of where the trail went through the forty, flagged it and Johnson Timber and Dan Ploeger will double check the site and the deed will then reflect the easement.


NRCS Business

Mike Koehler reported on the sign up for the Conservation Stewardship  Program which goes until January 7th. This is a nation wide program and he’s hoping more contracts will be submitted.  Sign up for the EQUIP Program will be starting November 14th.  A National Workload Analysis has been completed and has been sent to Madison for their inclusion of information. This analysis is then put into a national database and the information is used to justify where their time is being spent for use of requesting monies, etc.





County Monthly Work Report

Olson passed out Kristi and Jeremy’s monthly AIS report, plus the numbers of permits issued for zoning and the work calendar for October. Kelly was able to use her POWTS license to inspect septic systems while Eric and Jay were on vacation. Olson is to take the POWTS test next week.


DNR Business

Dave Kafura stated that his report was basically covered previously in the Round Lake report.  He strongly disagrees with the comment made at the Lake Placid informational hearing that this is all peace meal.  He felt that the issues were handled in the best way that they could. Discussion is held on the permits and he reports that permit numbers are up significantly in the last 4-5 months.


Cost Share Contracts






Transfer of funds

Olson informed the Committee that funds may need to be transferred to pay the cell phone bill. The cost of the updated hardware start up fee needs to be paid and not enough funds are in the phone line item.  He will get an updated total from Verizon and will present it at Finance Committee.


Review and Approve Monthly Expenditures

Zietlow Motioned, Second by Gunderson to approve the monthly vouchers. Motion carried.


Other Business, for Discussion Only

Johnson asked if Olson was going to be submitting a proposal to Land Records for the installation of the 911 signs installed by Zoning & Conservation staff.  Olson stated that he wasn’t aware he was suppose to, but if that is what the Committee wanted, then he would do so. Another possibility would be that Zoning would issue the number, sign and post along with the land use permit and have the land owner install the sign themselves. Olson is to check with Land Records to see where Land Records is with any ideas or outside bids that have come in and to report back at the next Property Address Meeting which will be held December 15th to review those bids or ideas.



Zietlow Motioned, Second by Johnson to adjourn. Motion carried.



Minutes prepared by Cindy Yackley, Deputy Zoning Administrator