Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Courthouse 10/06/2010

Last Updated 10/29/2010 9:20:15 AM

minutes of the meeting of the Courthouse Committee, Sawyer County Board of Supervisors

October 6, 2010, 7:00 p.m., Assembly Room, Sawyer County Courthouse


members present:  Dale Schleeter (Chair), Ron Kinsley, Mel Olson, Walt Jaeger, Thomas W. Duffy


also present:  Land Records Department Director Robyn Thake, Information Technology Department Director Mike Coleson, Circuit Court Judge Gerald Wright, Circuit Court Clerk Anne Marie Danielson, Human Resource Manager Carol Larson, County Clerk Kris Mayberry


Motion by Kinsley, 2nd by Jaeger, to approve the meeting agenda as presented.  Motion carried. 


Motion by Kinsley, 2nd by Olson, to approve the September 7, 2010 meeting minutes.  Motion carried.


Clerk of Circuit Court Anne Marie Danielson reported that 2 jury trials scheduled for this fall had cancelled but that a defense attorney had requested a psychological examination for their client (fitness to stand trial) and that there may be juvenile case dispositions involving long-term placements at juvenile facilities.  Ms. Danielson reported that certain expenditures have or may exceed the appropriation for those expenses in the 2010 Clerk of Court’s budget, including postage, court appointed attorneys, and court interpreters.  Motion by Schleeter, 2nd by Kinsley, to report this to the Finance Committee for a determination of when and if to transfer funds between lines of the budget to provide sufficient funds for the expenditures.  Motion carried.


The Committee discussed cost estimates for security windows and a secure entry system for the Clerk of Court’s Office.  Motion by Olson, 2nd by Kinsley, to request that Maintenance Department Supervisor Dennis Erickson evaluate and update the options and cost estimates for security measures for the Clerk of Court’s Office for review by the Committee at their November meeting.  Motion carried.  Mr. Duffy voted no.


The Committee discussed options presented to address the workload issues in the Clerk of Court’s Office, including an option for an additional part-time employee for the office or an option of adding hours to existing positions in the office.


The Committee discussed that Family Court Commissioner Susan Lein may begin presiding over certain cases in the court system and budget issues that may be presented by payment for those additional services.  The Committee determined to review the 2011 budget for the Family Court Commissioner at their November meeting.


Land Records Department Director Robyn Thake and Information Technology Department Director Mike Coleson provided monthly department reports.


The Committee reviewed the monthly department expense vouchers and a request from Land Records Department Director Robyn Thake for approval for GIS Specialist Brian DeVries to attend the 2010 ESRI Wisconsin User Group conference program being held in Middleton on November 3rd and 4th.  Motion by Duffy, 2nd by Jaeger, to approve the vouchers and the request.  Motion carried.


County Clerk Kris Mayberry reported on insurance, risk management, and liability claims involving Sawyer County.


Motion by Olson, 2nd by Jaeger, to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.



minutes prepared by County Clerk Kris Mayberry