Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Finance 10/06/2010

Last Updated 10/12/2010 3:20:29 PM

minutes of the meeting of the Finance Committee

Sawyer County Board of Supervisors

October 6, 2010, 8:00 a.m., Assembly Room, Sawyer County Courthouse


members present:

Warren Johnson (Chair), Kathy McCoy, Dale Schleeter, Bruce Paulsen


also present:

Information Technology Department Director Mike Coleson, Scott Allen and Liz Metcalf (Sawyer County Development Corporation), County Financial Coordinator Julie Hofer, County Clerk Kris Mayberry


Following a review of the revisions made by the Committee to the proposed 2011 Sawyer County Budget the Committee determined to reduce the amount in the Contingency Fund account in that budget by $100,000, to reduce the amount applied to reduce the levy from the 2009 surplus by that $100,000, and to recommend that the County Board approve adding that $100,000 to the reserve for delinquent property taxes.


The Committee discussed with County Surveyor Dan Pleoger whether the County Survey Department’s Dodge Durango would be available for use by other departments when not in use by the County Survey Department.  Mr. Pleoger indicated that other departments could use the Durango but that the vehicle would need to be available for the use of the County Surveyors Department when they need it.


The Committee discussed the option of expanding the use of a motor pool as an option to each department having their own specific vehicles.  The Committee determined to recommend to the Finance Committee and County Board the purchase of a new vehicle for the motor pool in 2010 with funds from the balance available in the W-2 Special Revenue Fund.


The Committee determined to make a final review of the proposed 2011 Sawyer County Budget at the Finance Committee meeting scheduled for October 13, 2010 prior to its publication in the newspaper.





minutes prepared by Sawyer County Clerk Kris Mayberry