Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Forestry 10/07/2010

Last Updated 10/12/2010 10:23:50 AM


Sawyer County Forestry Committee

October 7, 2010


Committee Members Present:                Dean Pearson              Jim Bassett                   Chuck Gundersen         

                                                            Bruce Paulsen               Dale Thompson

County Personnel Present:                     Greg Peterson               Brian Cody

DNR Personnel Present:                        Nick Koltz                     Pete Wisdom                           

Others Present:                                     Ned Zuelsdorff              John Saunders              Bill Noonan

                                                            Butch Meyer                  Mike Outcalt                  Barb Duetsch

                                                            Don Mrotek                   Warren Johnson            Jim Kissinger                                                                                                                                                                                       

The meeting was called to order at 9:35 a.m. by Chair Pearson.  Motion by Paulsen, second by Thompson to approve agenda.  Motion carried.  Chair Pearson announced that the Closed Session on the agenda was not needed.


Motion by Thompson, second by Paulsen to approve the minutes of the September 7, 2010 meeting.  Motion carried.


Audience Recognition

Zuelsdorff announced that the slab and concrete work is done on the warming cabin previously approved by the committee and building should be going up in next couple of weeks.


Event Dates

CAMBA Festival of the Trails - June 4-6, 2011 - Motion by Bassett, second by Paulsen to approve request contingent on receiving certificate of insurance.  Motion carried.


WeComm Seeley Site Proposal

Brian Cody presented information regarding request, stating that the company would like to place a ham radio tower (NW Wisconsin) near the Seeley Fire Tower site.  It would include a 100' telephone pole, black antenna, use solar/wind energy and the County would be able to co-locate a channel which is a benefit to the County.  Motion by Thompson, second by Bassett to approve the concept of the project and to move forward subject to getting proper documentation (lease or permit) and research.  Motion carried.


Sawyer County Snowmobile and ATV Alliance overview for new committee members

Bill Noonan presented an overview (handout on file with minutes) of Alliance.  Pearson thanked Alliance for report.


Overview of timber sale procedures and policies

Peterson presented an overview (handouts on file with minutes) explaining policies and procedures for timber sales, along with explanation of billing procedures given by Dee Dobilas.  Discussion was held regarding reconnaissance, allowable cut increase, time spent by DNR in establishment of timber sales. 


Committee consensus was an excellent report giving much needed information.


Discussion on vehicle sharing

Peterson stated that department has 4 vehicles and each forester needs access to their own vehicle, as this is the most efficient use of time and equipment.  Discussion was held regarding how many times staff works alone/together.  Koltz stated that current arrangement is highly efficient.


Laptop purchase from budget

This agenda item came up at the Finance Committee budget meeting - it needs justification.  Peterson stated that with the $1.5  to $1.7 million dollar timber sale program and $300,000 recreation grants per year, it is extremely important to have a laptop to work in the field, as questions arise.  Pearson stated that it was ridiculous to question $1200.  Motion by Thompson, second by Gundersen to purchase computer and send bill to County Board.  Motion carried.


Sawyer County Forestry Report

Peterson did not provide written report this month.  He stated that there are 21 tracts up for bid on the November timber sale.  There are 9 active sales.  Reporting on the recreation trails - Duck Pond boardwalk is almost done; the rehab work in Edgewater (2 projects) are approximately 1/2 done.


DNR forestry report





Monthly expense vouchers

Motion by Bassett, second by Thompson to approve the vouchers as presented.  Motion carried.


Other matters for discussion only

1) Monthly report passed out.  2) Pete Wisdom - both presentations at meeting were excellent; suggests explaining what the Wisconsin County Forest Association, meeting to be held in November.  3) Jim Kissinger - County Board needs to hear complexity of timber sale program.  4) Bassett - safety of foresters; radios are in trucks, but they carry nothing if something would happen in the woods - possibility of cell phones, at least could send text message; Peterson will contact Brian Cody and report next month.



Motion by Bassett, second by Thompson to adjourn at 11:18 AM.  Motion carried.




Delores Dobilas, Recorder