Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Highway 09/08/2010

Last Updated 9/28/2010 9:09:39 AM

Minutes from September 8, 2010 Highway Committee Meeting


Draft:               Subject to approval by the Highway Committee


Present:            Kathy McCoy, Ron Kinsley, and Mel Olson


County Personnel:       Gary Gedart and Joanne Nitz


1.                  Approval agenda and additions


Motion by McCoy, second by Olson to approve the agenda.  Motion carried.



2.                  Approve minutes from August meeting


Motion by McCoy, second by Kinsley to approve minutes from the August meetings.  Motion carried.



3.                  Audience recognition





4.                  Resolution to support constitutional amendment to protect transportation fund


Gary presented the resolution to the committee.  Motion by Olson, second by McCoy to support the concept of the resolution and send to the county board for approval.  Motion carried.



5.                  Commissioner’s Report


Gary reported that the crew would be paving CTH E on Thursday and then CTH C.  Gary reported that the crew will be putting a layer on CTH A. Gary reported that all the summer help are done for the year.  Gary indicated that he is still working with the DNR on the permits for CTH G. Gary received a request from 2 employees in regards to old beam guard and scrap that the county has at its property.  The committee agreed to advertise and take sealed bids on the material and open them at the October meeting.  Gary indicated that the appointment of Scott Vaverka to the foreman’s position is working well.  Motion by McCoy, second by Olson to approve the commissioner’s report.  Motion carried.



6.                  July Financial Statement


Motion by McCoy, second by Olson to approve the July financial statement.  Motion carried.









7.                  Old Business


The traffic counters were placed on STH 77 and CTH A and with 99.3% accuracy there was not over a 10% count of truck traffic at any given time.  No action taken in regards to jake break signs being installed.


8.                  Other matters for discussion only


Joanne Nitz, Office Manager indicated that she would be retiring in November.  The committee accepted her retirement and Gary will check with Carol Larson, Human Resource Manager as how to proceed with filling the vacancy. 


9.                  Out of county travel


Gary to WisDOT Real Estate Seminar in Rice Lake on Sept 30th

Robert Hill and Jay Sands to Foreman’s Conference in Sheboygan on Sept 15th- Sept 17th

Teresa McCue and Joanne Nitz to CHEMS Conference in Wisconsin Dells on Oct 20th – Oct 22nd


Motion by McCoy, second by Olson to approve out of county travel.  Motion carried.


10.              Review and approve August bills


Motion by Olson, second by McCoy to approve the August bills.  Motion carried.


11.              Closed Session


Minutes of closed session are kept in a confidential file at the Office of Highway Commissioner and Office of County Clerk.


12.              Adjournment


Motion by Olson, second by McCoy to adjourn at 8:03 p.m.  Motion carried.