Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Highway 08/16/2010

Last Updated 9/28/2010 9:07:32 AM

Minutes from August 16, 2010 Highway Department Committee Meeting


Draft:               Subject to approval by the Highway Committee


Present:            Kathy McCoy, Ron Kinsley, Dale Schleeter, and Warren Johnson


County Personnel:  Gary Gedart, Joanne Nitz 


Absent:            Ken Maki, and Mel Olson


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Ron Kinsley





1.                  Approve agenda and additions


Motion by McCoy, second by Schleeter to approve the agenda.  Motion carried.


2.                  Approve minutes from July meeting


Motion by McCoy, second by Schleeter to approve the minutes from the July meeting.  Motion carried.


3.                  Audience recognition




4.                  Jake brake signs on CTH A and State Highway 77


There was a concern from the owners of the Spider Lake Motel in regards to the increased truck traffic on CTH 77 and the brake noise.  This traffic increase is because of the Chief River Bridge weight restriction.  After further discussion the committee decided to put traffic counters at this location to have for future reference and take no action on the request.


5.                  Commissioner’s Report



Gary indicated that the crew is working on storm damage.  Gary reported that CTH E and CTH C have been pulverized and graveled.  The blacktop plant is in the Don Winter Pit in Couderay.  Gary indicated that he is waiting on DNR permits for CTH G and E.  He received a call that the CTH E paperwork is in the mail.  Gary indicated that he will have on the agenda for the September meeting the resolution regarding protecting the transportation fund.  Motion by Schleeter, second by McCoy to approve the commissioner’s report.  Motion carried.








6.                  2011 Highway Department Budget


The 2011 Highway Department budget was presented.  Motion by McCoy, second by Schleeter to approve the budget as presented and forward to the Finance Committee.  Motion carried.


7.                  Old Business


Gary and Joanne indicated that the request for the new fuel system software was referred back to the Highway Committee by the Finance Committee for more information.  After further discussion there was a motion by Schleeter, second by Kinsley to recommend to the Finance Committee and then to County Board the following charges for the new system.  (See attached sheet).  Motion carried.



8.                  Other matters for discussion only




9.                  Out of county travel




10.              Review and approve July bills


Motion by Schleeter, second by McCoy to approve the July bills.  Motion carried.


11.              Closed Session


Minutes of closed session are kept in a confidential file at the Office of Highway Commissioner and Office of County Clerk.


12.              Adjournment


Motion by Schleeter, second by Kinsley to adjourn at 8:55 p.m.  Motion carried.