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Health and Human Services 09/09/2010

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DATE:            September 9, 2010



Health & Human Services Board


PLACE: Sawyer County Courthouse                         CALLED TO ORDER:   6:30 P M


Members in attendance:

Shirley Suhsen, Chuck Gunderson, Sis Hale, Warren Johnson, Gladys Ruegger, Carol Pearson, Ronald Kinsley,  Bill Morrow, Dale Schleeter.


Staff members in attendance:

Pete Sanders, Patty Dujardin, Deb Christians, Amy Nigbor, Dave Bauer, Carol Larson, Mike Coleson.


Guests:   Sue Skinner, ICAA, Alan Rosewalt, Hayward Community Food Shelf.


The meeting was called to order by Kinsley.  Roll call indicated those not in attendance were Kathy McCoy, Ken Maki, Bob Swenson and Tom Duffy.    Mr. Duffy arrived a short time later.


Approve Agenda:    Sanders requested that Item B on New Business be moved up on the agenda to accommodate the guests presenting on the topic.    Motion to approve the agenda made by Suhsen, seconded by Hale; carried.


Minutes of August 11, 2010 Board meeting.  Motion by Hale, seconded by Pearson to approve the minutes of the August 11, 2010 regular Board meeting; carried.


Committee Reports:

LCO Liaison:   Mr. Morrow did not have anything to report at this time.



Members reviewed the vouchers for the August bills.   Motion by Schleeter, seconded by Pearson to approve the vouchers; carried.


State of Community Homelessness and Nutrition: 

Ms. Skinner and Mr. Rosewalt gave reports for their respective agencies outlining housing and food shelf programs.  Both food shelves have seen an increase in the number of persons/families asking for assistance.  Donations by the community have been good.   Regarding homelessness, ICAA has 230 families on its waiting list and is working with 17 homeless families currently.   Many other families are living with others and are need of housing.


Old Business:


Residential Services:   Census at Transitions is at seven.  Dennis has been asked to construct a storage building for yard equipment.


Health & Human Services Board

September 9, 2010

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Motor Pool Usage:  

The motor pool usage report was reviewed.


Transit Operations:  

A copy of the Transit Commission meeting minutes and revenue and expense statement were provided to each member.   Mobility Manager, Joe Eichinger, is currently on medical leave. 


2011 Budget Revisions: 

Sanders distributed copies of the revised 2011 budget, which will be brought to County Finance on Friday.   Motion by Suhsen, seconded by Schleeter to approve the revised budget and forward on to Finance Committee; carried.


New Business:


Public Health Nurse Position:

In addition to the vacancy created by the appointment of Eileen Simak as the Public Health Supervisor, Lindsay Briggs has given her resignation.  The agency is therefore requesting to fill both vacancies.  Motion by Pearson, seconded by Schleeter to authorize the agency to fill both vacancies.

A tentative date was set for the interviews.   In addition, the agency is requesting that Paulette Dunster be asked to fill in temporarily, part-time, until the new nurses start.   Motion by Schleeter, seconded by Johnson to authorize 20 hours week; carried.


Revenue and Expense Statement:

Motion by Hale, seconded by Pearson to accept the revenue and expense statements for Human Services and Public Health; carried.


Out of County Travel:

Motion by Suhsen, seconded by Gunderson to approve the out of county travel requests; carried.



Motion by Duffy, seconded by Johnson to adjourn; carried.   Meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm.