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Forestry 08/09/2010

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Sawyer County Forestry Committee

August 9, 2010


Committee Members Present:                Dean Pearson              Jim Bassett                   Chuck Gundersen         

                                                            Bruce Paulsen               Dale Thompson

County Personnel Present:                     Greg Peterson              

DNR Personnel Present:                        Nick Koltz                                

Others Present:                                     Terrell Boettcher            John Saunders              Linda Zillmer                

                                                            Mike Outcalt                  Warren Johnson            Bill Noonan

                                                            Butch Meyer                  Ned Zuelsdorff                                                                                                                                                                                                             

The meeting was called to order at 9:35 a.m. by Chair Pearson.  Motion by Thompson, second by Bassett to approve agenda.  Motion carried.


Motion by Bassett, second by Thompson to approve the minutes of the July 7, 2010 meeting.  Motion carried.


Audience Recognition

John Saunders - CAMBA is working on Phase III of project and needs stormwater discharge permit.  Received paperwork and instructions.  Forms were filled out and submitted in May.  No word was received from DNR for 2 months.  CAMBA has a crew ready to do work but DNR (Graham - "wrong" forms were filled out and extra check sheet added) has not approved permit.  Peterson stated that this is the same problem that has been ongoing for the past 2 years.  Bassett will get copies of paperwork.  Committee consensus is to go ahead and do project, tired of waiting for permits.  Suggestion was made to split project in two, so permit wouldn't be needed. 


Linda Zillmer - groups need to plan further ahead, not put blame on DNR.  Pearson stated that County is holding up its' part of the bargain, DNR is not even though they have 30 day window to approve or help county get permits.


Don Mrotek - thanked Greg for trail tour last week.


Event Dates



ORV Council report - grant applications

Peterson:  1) 3 projects were submitted (1 ATV Development and 2 ATV rehab); all grants were approved for a total of $281,400.00. 


Secure Rural Schools Declaration

Information was distributed.  Peterson recommended that Sawyer County take Title II - 8%; Title III - 7%; which is the same allocation as before which would be $180,533 for 2011.  Motion by Bassett, second by Paulsen to submit declaration with same percentages as in previous years.  Motion carried.


3 Year DNR audit report

Nick Koltz:  audit was done by DNR staff specialist.  No major issues were reported.  Recommendations:  1) Need to check with Treasurer's Office as to date when towns are paid severance.  2) Wildlife Habitat Grant - DNR did scarifying last two years, but no bill was received (needs to come from local); will get invoices and pay then grant will be within limits.  3) Recon up dates - county has LTE forester bringing recon up-to-date.  4) Administrator salary - receive figures from County Clerk's office.


Johnson questioned where forest is in Village of Winter - needs to be researched. 


A round of applause was given to department for excellent work.


Hayward Archery Club - renewal of permit for archery range

Permit is issued for a period of five (5) years (no fee charged).  Motion by Bassett, second by Thompson to renew permit for another 5 years (2011- 2015).  Motion carried.



2011 Forestry Department budget

Budget sheets were passed out to committee members.  Pearson stated that the committee should have the information ahead of time so they could digest information.  Department did not received information from County Clerk's office until the afternoon of August 3rd - need more time to work on it.


Questions were asked regarding several line items:  1) Membership Dues (WCFA acreage assessment and dues); Dues and Subscriptions (TPA membership dues and subscriptions for committee members for TPA magazine); Capital Outlay 2010 (Trimble unit - in the process of being ordered with 1/2 of cost to come out of Wildlife Habitat funds).  Line item increased include:  Dues and Subscriptions-from $200 to $532; Sign Parts and Supplies-from $0 to $500-implementation of access management plan - many trails will have signs placed on them and need to maintain signs throughout year;  Timber Sale Expenses-from $11,000 to $11,500-increases in marking paint costs.  Capital Outlay Expenditures:  $1200 for laptop computer for Forest Administrator.


Motion by Bassett, second by Paulsen to take cost of subscriptions to Timber Producer magazine out of budget.  Motion carried. 


Motion by Bassett, second by Gunderson to send amended budget to Finance Committee with recommendation for approval.  Motion carried.


Sawyer County Forestry Report

Peterson:  Passed out information sheet.  22 sales active during the past month; 62 sales inactive with a value of $1.9 million in value.  Uncut sales on file total $2.3 million.  Timber sale in November should bring in about $1 million in sales.  Paulsen questioned whether amount of cut could be temporarily increased - setting up as much as staff can do, close to allowable cut.  48 timber sale inspections were done in July for a total of 182 for the year.  Estimated tracts for November - 4 sales turned in covering 200 acres, with 1923 acres established so far; the goal is 4000 acres.  Access Plan - DNR installed 24 berms and removed 3.  Winter and Weirgor Blocks are done; Edgewater and Seeley Block should be completed in August.  Working on signing; should be done by 9/1/10 before hunting seasons start.  ATV projects:  Duck Pond Road - all materials are here; North Country Riders will do work; Trail 31/27 (Sissabagama) - logging going on presently, will try to work on after completion; Trail 3/26 (Sissabagama rehab) - bid packets should go out this week with work to be done this year.  Cabin leases - did 5 inspections this past week; 54 permits left.  Recon - 488 acres done in July; 12,000 for year; goal is 20,000 acres.


Bassett stated "Good Report."


DNR forestry report

Koltz: 1) Demand for wood may be up, November timber sale revenue may be up.  2) Stated that Audit was done in a short amount of time due to organization of files.


Monthly expense vouchers

Motion by Paulsen, second by Thompson to approve the vouchers as presented.  Motion carried.


Other matters for discussion only

1) Monthly report passed out; 2) Bassett stated that Sawyer County is not having trouble with the entire DNR; 3) Don Mrotek:  At ORV meeting, a) Village of Winter grant proposal was denied due to ATV campground already in Ojibwa b) Town of Draper received $91,000 for ATV campground, water, bathrooms, etc. c) Mandatory re-route (Dead Horse Trail) on federal forest.  d) ATV trails - culverts washed out and washouts from heavy rains 4) Zillmer asked if the ORV Council discussed a permanent water regulation position (yes) and why the towns were not notified of the extension of the LUV/UTV program (reported that they were).




Motion by Paulsen, second by Bassett to adjourn.  Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 AM.



Delores Dobilas, Recorder