Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Highway 06/10/2010

Last Updated 7/28/2010 12:04:00 PM

Minutes from June 10, 2010 Highway Committee Meeting

Draft:        Subject to approval by the Highway Committee

Present:    Ron Kinsley, Dale Schleeter, Mel Olson, Ken Maki,
        Gary Gedart, and Joanne Nitz

Guests:    Warren Johnson, Don Mrotek, Al Pahl, Curt Scherer, Terrell Boettcher,
        and members of the Sawyer County 4-H horse project

The meeting was called to order at:

1.    Approve agenda and additions

Motion by Olson, second by Schleeter to approve the agenda with the change to move #8 to #3A.  Motion carried.

2.    Approve minutes from May meeting

Motion by Schleeter, second by Maki to approve minutes.  Motion carried.

3.    Audience recognition


4.    Discuss permit for dredging at the Round Lake Narrows

Gary presented the information in regards to the dredging area requested.  Motion by Schleeter, second by Maki to approve the request pending all other entity approvals and permits to work under the bridge and within the right-of-way.  Motion carried.

5.    2009 Highway Department Financial Statement

Mike Hager from Anderson, Hager and Moe was present to address the committee in regards to the 2009 financial statement.  Motion by Maki, second by Olson to approve the 2009 financial statement and to retain Anderson, Hager and Moe to assist in the reconciling of the fuel system balances and accounting entries. Motion carried.

6.    Town of Sand Lake CTH BB ATV route

The Town of Sand Lake requested that CTH BB from Washburn County line to State Highway 70 be designated an ATV route.  Motion by Olson, second by Schleeter to approve the route on a 1 year trial basis.  Motion carried.

7.    Snowmobile route on CTH BB

The Town of Sand Lake submitted a request to have the contract renewed for another year.  Motion by Olson, second by Schleeter to approve the request.  Motion carried.

8.    Fairgrounds request for mowing the grounds, mowing for the dairy breakfast,
and trucking services.

Motion by Olson, second by Schleeter to approve the request to mow the grounds for the fair and the dairy breakfast.  Motion carried.  Members of the
4-H horse project were present to request trucking services to improve the horse arena.  They have the material for the project this would just be to truck the material to have it screened and then hauled to the fairgrounds.  The estimated cost would be around $4700.00 for labor and trucking.  Motion by Maki, second by Schleeter to approve the request.  Motion carried.

9.    Hayward Library request for gravel

The committee did not have a formal request for the amount needed.  Gary will get a formal request and then set up a special meeting for the Highway Committee before the County Board meeting on June 17, 2010.

10.    Discuss jurisdictional transfer of a portion of CTH NN

Gary presented the information in regards to the area on CTH NN.  The committee would like Gary to talk to the County Surveyor and the Land and Water Department and bring more information back to the next meeting.

11.    The water and well issue at the Highway Shops

Dale Schleeter from Roscoe Butterfield informed the committee in regards to his findings of the water at the 3 shops.  The Radisson shop has a bad hot water heater.  The water heater will be replaced and a new vanity and sink will be installed.  The Winter and Hayward shop will have the pumps pulled so that they can be cleaned, flushed and repositioned.  Motion by Maki, second by Olson to approve to have the necessary repairs made to the water systems at the shop locations.  Motion carried.

12.    Discuss Highway Department personnel issues

Gary indicated that he would like to revisit the vacancy for the Foreman’s position.  Gary indicated that with the absence of the leadman positions being filled it will be difficult during the construction season without personnel in place to supervise the construction jobs.  The committee questioned why employees do not want to step up and take the leadman positions.  Gary indicated that it may be because of the pay.  The pay for the leadman position is 60 cents per hour more or $24.00 per week.  Gary indicated that with a foreman position in place that position would be available to fill in for the Patrol Superintendent’s absence.  The position would be year round and would cover the issue in regards to rotation for winter maintenance.  Motion by Maki, second by Olson to post for the position and then interview not more than 4 candidates.  Motion carried.  The committee will meet on June 24, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. to interview the candidates.

13.    Commissioners Report

Gary indicated that the crew is paving and shouldering on CTH NN.  They will be working on culverts on CTH C and CTH E.  The work on CTH EE has been completed.  The crew will be working on the installation of the culvert for the cattle pass on CTH C within the next week.  Gary gave a report about his meeting in Madison where he met with legislatures or their staff.  Gary indicated that the work on CTH A in the swamp area will involve pulverizing the existing blacktop, removing the fill, and resurfacing with a thin layer of blacktop.  Gary indicated that the plaque for Nate DeLong is complete and will be presented at the June 17th county board meeting.

14.    Old Business

Gary had the information for the traffic counts completed on Hwy 70 & B. and gave them to Ron Kinsley.

15.    Other matters for discussion only

There was a conflict with the August Highway meeting and after further discussion it was decided that the meeting would be held on August 16, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

16.    Out of county travel


17.    Review and approve May bills

Motion by Maki, second by Olson to approve the May bills.  Motion carried.

18.    Adjournment

Motion by Maki, second by Schleeter to adjourn at 9:13 p.m.  Motion carried.