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Economic Development and Planning 06/07/2010

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Economic Development and Planning Committee meeting

June 7, 2010, 9:00 a.m.

Assembly Room, Sawyer County Courthouse


Committee Members: Ken Maki, Warren Johnson, Tom Duffy, Dean Pearson,


Others: Tom Duke, David Berard, Kris Mayberry, Don Buerkley, Dennis Erickson, John Borkenhagen, Ron Petit, Dale Anderson, Donna Tveten, Terrell Boetcher, Ernie Martinson, Sheldon Johnson, Scott Allen, Liz Metcalf, Dennis Erickson, Sally Shrader,


01.        Election of Officers: Meeting called to order by Johnson and was turned over to Kris Mayberry to conduct elections. Duffy nominated Maki for chairman, seconded by Johnson. Motion by Johnson that nominations be closed and a unanimous ballot be cast for Maki, second by Duffy, motion carried. Nomination by Johnson for Duffy as vice chairman, seconded by Maki. Motion to close nominations and cast a unanimous ballot by Maki, second by Johnson, motion carried.

02.        Meeting agenda: Motion to approve the agenda as published by Duffy, second by Maki, motion carried.

03.        Minutes of the meeting of April 6, 2010: Motion to approve the minutes of the April 6 meeting by Maki, second by Pearson, motion carried.

04.        Audience recognition: None

05.        Opposition to closure of Hayward Department of Natural Resources tree nursery (including June 25th meeting with Wisconsin Senator Robert Jauch and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources representative): Tom Duke from the DNR Division of Forestry Office in Antigo attended to respond to questions regarding the nursery. Duke stated that the DNR is mandated by statute to sell seedlings, but have been losing approx $500,000 per year due to declining seedling sales. The decision was made to stop seedling production at the Hayward nursery. It isn’t the intention to close the Hayward nursery only to stop seedling production. Discussion/ Questions. Special meeting of Economic Development on June 25 scheduled to specifically address this issue.

06.        Presentation on heating County buildings with wood pellets:  Don Buerkley provided a presentation on Pelco boilers and heating county buildings with pellets. (Report on file) Motion by Duffy, second by Johnson, to apply for grant to do a feasibility study to look at using biomass to heat the jail. SCDC will develop the grant. Motion carried.

07.        Review of Committee purpose and discussion of potential purpose revision: Committee will review prior purpose and ideas for potential purpose revision for discussion and possible revision at the next meeting. Mayberry will provide information on projects funded within the last two years. 

08.        Weiss Library Nature Park request for funds: Dale Anderson presented on behalf of the Weiss Library project. (Request for $4,000 on File). Motion by Johnson to recommend project approval to the finance committee, seconded by Duffy. Motion failed.

09.        Friends of the Tuscobia Winter Depot project: Ron Petit provided an update on the Tuscobia Trail depot project. The architect and DNR are working on an agreement on plans, but project approvals and draw downs seem to be delayed which could push the project back 5 or 6 months. Everything is moving forward but more slowly than expected.

10.        Indianhead Community Action Agency report, including Community Development Block Grant housing rehabilitation project. Sally Shrader provided an update on the housing CDBG grant. Two applications have currently been approved by the housing committee. The committee will be meeting later this month to review additional applications.

11.        Northwest Regional Planning Commission report: Sheldon Johnson reported on behalf of the planning commission. He provided an update on the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for 2010 to 2014. He also shared results of the county SWOT analysis comparison to other counties. Committee members are invited to the NWRPC annual meeting on June 30th in Hayward at Flat Creek. Wisconsin Business Innovation Corporation received a Rural Business Enterprise (RBEG) grant to provide business assistance and funding across the 10 counties. Currently the planning commission runs the Northwest Regional Economic Development Revolving Loan program (NWRED). Currently about 1.3 million dollars in the fund available to Sawyer County Businesses who meet the criteria. NWRPC is also working with Sawyer, Price, Taylor, Rusk, and LCO on an all hazards mitigation planning project through FEMA. Johnson provided a reminder that Safe Routes to School and Transportation Enhancement grants are becoming due.

12.        Sawyer County Economic Development Corporation report, including Professional Musky Tournament Trail: Scott Allen and Liz Metcalf reported on behalf of the SCDC. The SCDC has been approved for a USDA RBEG grant for $79,500 to provide business development assistance for new and existing businesses. They are assisting Indianhead Community Action Agency in application intake for the CDBG housing program. SCDC has been working with several businesses to develop business opportunities. Approximately $28,000 in revolving loans to local businesses have been approved. The assisted the Town of Hayward Fire Dept. to submit a FEMA grant for equipment and offered some grant writing expertise to the fair. SCDC is also working with the Winter Depot project to raise needed project funds. Allen requested that the county contribute $8,500 for sponsorship of the Professional Musky Tournament Trail (Information on file) Sawyer County event. Motion by Duffy to deny the request, seconded by Pearson. Motion carried, Johnson voted No. Motion by Maki, seconded by Johnson to approve a level of $2,000 funding for the event. Motion failed. SCDC has provided leadership to bring corporations such as Great Lakes Renewable Energy, Northern Bridges, and Cemstone Corporation to the area.

13.        Hayward Area Visitor and Convention Bureau report: No report

14.        Wisconsin Counties Association resolution supporting independent study of Wisconsin’s economic development competitiveness and positioning: (Copy of example resolution on file) Motion by Maki to support the resolution and forward it the county board, second by Johnson. Motion failed. Maki will contact WCA to further determine purpose and intent of the supporting resolution.

15.        Monthly expense vouchers, including Village of Winter project reimbursement: Motion to recommend approval of payment of the previously approved $4,400 to finance Motion by Johnson, second by Duffy, motion carried.

16.        Other matters for discussion only


Johnson referenced the Wisconsin Counties magazine article on finance authority and recovery zone facility bonds that may provide some opportunities for local economic development.


Motion by Duffy to adjourn, second by Johnson - meeting adjourn.


Recorded by David Berard