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Land and Water 04/08/2010

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Sawyer County Land & Water Conservation Committee
April 8, 2010

Committee Members Present:  Jim Bassett, Doug Mrotek, Bernie Kadlec, Dean Pearson, Dale Thompson
Others Present:  Tom Aartila – DNR Basin Supervisor, Dale Olson – County Conservationist, Warren Johnson – County Board, Mike Koehler – NRCS, Mike Gehrke - WWOA, Cindy Yackley – ZAC, Terrell Boettcher.

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m.  Motion by Mrotek, second by Bassett to approve the agenda.  Motion carried.

Motion by Bassett, second by Mrotek, to approve the March 2010 minutes.  Motion carried.

Audience Recognition

Tiger Cat Dam Failure Analysis
Olson presented an April 6th letter requesting an update.  There is additional information required by the DNR.  The engineer has stated they are committed to completing the project.  The survey data needed is not available from the county, as it is not a county owned dam.  Corporate Council TJ Duffy is in correspondence with the engineer.

Placid Lake Diversion Canal Permit
Olson received a response from Dave Kafura, DNR, with a proposed finished slope erosion concern.  Discussion on project layout.  There will be a potential public hearing for this issue.  Warren Johnson brought the Sawyer County Gazette letter to the editor from the President of the Round Lake Property Owners Association regarding watershed issues. 

Highway NN Culvert Issues
Olson gave an estimated cost to take the culvert out versus applying for a dam permit.  It would be possible to permit the structure as a dam to move on from this issue.  Discussion on permitting process.  The committee determined to wait for the official Tribal Council letter before taking any action.  Aartila stated there are several issues to address that are all connected. 

Highway E & Demon Creek Culvert Projects
Olson reported he had gone out with the highway department to look at the two sites and size the culverts.  There is funding available up to $5,000.  Discussion on the condition of the existing culverts.  Olson recommended both be replaced.  The permit will be applied for by the Sawyer County Highway department.

Mike Koehler, NRCS, reported on the 6 EQIP contracts for Sawyer County.  The total funding for EQIP contracts is $221,845.  There was also 1 WHIP contract for $5,475.   There will be another Conservation Stewardship Program signup starting soon, as well as the FSA’s CRP program sign up.  Koehler was pleased to learn that Mike O’Shea, engineer, will continue to work with Sawyer County, as his position is now statewide. 


DNR Business
Tom Aartila, DNR, updated the committee on 1) phosphorus standard public hearing and 2) run-off rules public hearing.  Discussion of Assembly Bill 927 related to wetlands.  There is also a proposed bill to divide the current DNR structure into two parts:  Environmental Quality related to safety, pollution, water quality and the like, and Natural Resource Management for wildlife, forestry and related disciplines. 

Wildlife Damage Shooting Permits
Olson reported that the Wildlife Damage Program will now include geese as a targeted species.  A small game license is required, and hunters will not be allowed to use a call or decoys to lure the geese.  Any birds harvested are required to be donated to a food pantry.  There are currently four farmers in Sawyer County who have shooting permits for whitetail deer.  They must shoot 5 deer in order to be eligible for funding next year.  Discussion on permits.

County Monthly Work Report
Work reports were distributed. Olson reported:  1) Merger update  2)  Aquatic Invasive Species gearing up  3) Purple loosestrife plants to rear beetles, suggestions for labor  4)  Wildlife Damage Program  5)  Chippewa View WPDES data assistance  6)  Boat Landing plan  7)  Parks are all open and are being cleaned up  8)  Archeology permit for cell towers  9)  Dams  10)  Drought Index presented

Review and Approve Monthly ZAC Expenditures
Motion by Thompson, second by Pearson to approve the monthly expenditures as presented.  Motion carried.

Other Business for Discussion/Audience Recognition
Chairman Bassett commended Doug Mrotek for his service to Sawyer County as a County Board Member and Land & Water Conservation Committee member.  Mrotek thanked the committee, the public and the staff and encouraged everyone to keep moving forward and serve the citizens of Sawyer County to the best of their ability.

Motion by Mrotek, second by Bassett to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:55 AM.

Kelly Nechuta, Recorder