Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Highway 2/10/2010

Last Updated 3/9/2010 9:09:48 AM

Minutes from February 10, 2010 Highway Department Meeting

Committee Members Present:   Mel Olson, Ken Maki,  Ron Kinsley, Dale Schleeter, and

                                                Doug Mrotek


County Personnel Present:        Gary Gedart, Joanne Nitz, and Carol Larson


Guests:                                    Joe Bodo, Todd Miller



1.                  Approve agenda and any additions


Motion by Maki, second by Olson to approve the agenda.  Motion carried.



2.                  Approve minutes from January meeting


Motion by Maki, second by Olson to approve minutes from the January meeting.  Motion carried.



3.                  Audience recognition





4.                  Winter Chamber of Commerce Snow cross request for assistance


Todd Miller was present to request additional help for the event to be held on February 27, 2010.  The request for 2 dump trucks and one front end loader to place snow for their event was completed once, but due to the weather and timing it was not successful and they need to have more snow placed on the track.  Motion by Schleeter, second by Olson to approve the request and send to the County Board for approval.  Motion carried.



5.                  2010 bridge inspection proposal


Gary received a proposal from K Johnson Engineers, Inc. for the bridge inspections that need to be completed on county and town bridges for 2010.  The price per bridge is $78.00 which is the same price from 2008.  Motion by Schleeter, second by Maki to accept the proposal for $78.00 per bridge.  Motion carried.






6.                  Commissioner’s report


Gary reported that the crews are brushing on the state roads.  Gary indicated that nobody has been in contact with him in regards to the snowmobile trail on CTH B.  Gary informed the committee that at the Feb 18th County Board Vice-Chairman/ County Highway Chairman Ron Kinsley will present a plaque to Robert Vitcenda’s family for his years of service to the county.  Gary informed the committee that he attended a combination Land and Water and Forestry and DNR meeting in Spooner regarding issues with the DNR.  Gary was able to voice his concerns in regards to issues with projects that the Highway Department has worked with the DNR on in the past.  Motion by Schleeter, second by Maki to approve the commissioner’s report.  Motion carried.


7.                  Old business




8.                  Other matters for discussion only


Ken Maki questioned the status of the Chief River Bridge on CTH B, Gary indicated that the weight limit is due to the slopes failing and the pilings are cracked.  The bridge does not meet the requirements for reconstruction at this time.  Ken also questioned the process for doing drug testing on employees.  Gary stated that there is a plan in place thru the Health and Human Services Department.


9.                  Out of county travel


Gary to Commissioner’s meeting in Washburn County on February 11th

Gary and Robert Hill to Birkebeiner meeting in Cable on February 12th


Motion by Olson, second by Mail to approve the out of county travel.  Motion carried.


10.              Review and approve the January bills


Motion by Maki, second by Olson to approve the January bills.  Motion carried.


11.              Closed Session


Minutes of closed session are kept in a confidential file at the Office of Highway Commissioner and Office of County Clerk.


12.              Adjournment


Motion by Mrotek, second by Schleeter to adjourn at 9:00 p.m.  Motion carried.