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Zoning 03/19/2010 Agenda

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MARCH 19, 2010




1)         Call to Order and Roll Call

2)         Statement of Committee and Hearing Procedure

3)         Statement of Hearing Notice




1)         Town of Spider Lake – William Boersma etux. The east 50’ of Lot 1, CSM #7631 being part of Parcel 6.3 and the east 330’ of the NW 1/4 NW 1/4, lying south of CSM #7631 being part of Parcel 6.1; all in Section 27, T 42N, R 6W. Volume 367 Records page 180.  7.2acres. Change from district Forestry One to district Residential/Recreational One. Purpose of request is to allow for the creation of lots that extend to the lake bed of Teal Lake.


            Findings of Fact:




1)         Town of Hayward – Lee Gorud, Lessee: Emily Wohling.  Part of the NE 1/4 SW 1/4, S20, T 41N, R 9W; Parcel  9.1.  Volume 566 Records page 417.  35+ acres. Property is zoned Forestry One.  Permit is desired for the location/operation of a daycare service within an existing dwelling by the lessee.


            Findings of Fact:


2)         Town of Hayward – Aurora Loan Services LLC. Part of the SW 1/4 NW 1/4, S28, T 41N, R 9W; Parcel 7.3. Doc# 361968. 3.0 acres. Property is zoned Residential One. Permit is desired for the location/operation of a dental office within an existing building, by the purchaser. The Town Board has approved the application with comments.


            Findings of Fact:


3)         Town of Meadowbrook – James H. Fidler etux. Part of the SE 1/4 SE 1/4, S21, T 37N, R 6W; Parcel 16.1. Volume 668 Records page 210. 31.00 acres. Property is zoned Forestry One. Permit is desired for an after-the-fact permit for the moving on of a 18’ x 22’ log cabin that does not meet the minimum dimensional requirements of 500 sq ft. floor area and 20 feet width. On April 17, 2009 the Sawyer County Zoning Committee approved the issue of a special use permit for a 20’ x 25’ cabin with a 200 sq ft loft area. The Town Board has approved the application.


            Findings of Fact:




1)         Town of Lenroot – Dean Burton                       Town Board has approved

            Findings of Fact:




1)         Phil Johnson - request for extension of CUP for Summit Lake Game Farm

2)         Dennis McCallum – request for extension of CUP (Laird Tesch property)

3)         Jerome Johnson –request for continued operation of motorcycle & scooter repair          and retail sales business (two year approval granted on CUP 08-005)

4)         Snowmobile easement access to Big Chetac Lake – Committee willingness to    entertain a presentation on behalf of property owners (set date)

5)         Discussion on proposed permitting process on short term rentals


6)         Review and discussion on cluster development

7)         Beekeeping as an agricultural use in non agricultural zone districts.

8)         Update on delinquent non-metallic mining fees

9)         Monthly Vouchers

10)       April Public Hearing to be located in ambulance building-no other place available