Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Highway 01/13/2010

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Minutes of January 13, 2010 Highway Committee


Committee Members Present:      Mel Olson, Ron Kinsley, Ken Maki, and

                                                      Dean Pearson (for Robert Vitcenda).


County Personnel Present:               Gary Gedart and Joanne Nitz


Guests:                               Don Mrotek, Warren Johnson, Doug Mrotek, Sue Miller,

                                                      and Jim and Elaine Nyberg


Chairman Ron Kinsley called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Committee Room of the Sawyer County Highway Department


1.                   Approve agenda and any additions


Motion by Olson, second by Pearson to approve the agenda.  Motion carried.


2.                   Approve minutes from December meeting


Motion by Pearson, second by Olson to approve minutes from the December meeting. 

Motion carried.


3.                   Audience recognition




4.                   Discuss ATV Route on CTH M at South Fork Flambeau River


The request was for permission to allow the ATV’s to get over the bridge to continue on the ATV route.  Motion by Maki, second by Pearson to approve the request for a 1 year period.  Motion carried.


5.                   Discuss Snowmobile Route approvals on CTH BB, F, B, E, AA, and CC


Sue Miller from the Wisconsin DNR was present with requests for the following snowmobile approvals:


CTH E – From State Highway 27 to the snowmobile trail at Thor’s Lane

CTH AA – This request was put on hold

CTH F – Runzel Road to Elsie Road and approve for future use to State Highway 27

CTH BB – A temporary from south of cemetery to State Highway 70

CTH B – Southeast of Musky Tail going towards Winter, not proposing to be a route at this

time, the club should be able to locate trail with the 100 ft right of way,  Sue is working with Greg Peterson on this trail request, will come back to the committee when they have all the information available

CTH CC – Devil’s Lake Road going north ¼ mile on the east side of the road,  Sue stated that they would like to go on the west side of the road, Sue and Greg Peterson are working with the LCO Tribal to get approval to clear out near the power line on the west side of the road.


Motion by Olson, second by Maki to approve the above requests for a one year period.  Motion carried.




6.                   Winter Chamber of Commerce Snow Cross request for assistance



The request is for 2 dump trucks and one front end loader to place snow for their event to be held on February 27th at an approximate cost of $1800.00.  Motion by Olson, second by Pearson with the stipulation that the Village and Winter Chamber of Commerce accept all the liability for the property where the county trucks will be performing the work.  Motion carried.


7.                   Discussion of filling vacancy of foreman position


Gary indicated that with Foreman Robert Hill being hired for the Patrol Superintendent’s position there is no Foreman at the present time and he would like to see that position filled.  Gary indicated that it would be an internal posting for 7 days and then the committee would interview all of the applicants.  This position is a union position and would be based on the most qualified applicant.  The interview would be held at the February 10, 2010 highway meeting.  Motion by Maki, second by Pearson to fill the foreman vacancy.  Motion carried.


8.                   2009 Financial Statement


The committee reviewed the funds balance statement for the period ending November 30, 2009.  Motion by Olson, second by Pearson to accept the statement.  Motion carried.


9.                   Commissioner’s Report


Gary reported that the crew is working on brushing on State Highway 27/70 and the state section employees are clearing bridge decks and other state maintenance.  Some employees have been mixing salt/sand.  Gary reported that the plan for the CTH A fix is to get the weight off of the road.  Gary indicated that he has received some e-mails in regards to the Ashegon Pit contamination and per Corporation Counsel he has not responded.  Motion by Pearson, second by Maki to approve the commissioner’s report.


10.               Old Business




11.               Other matters for discussion only




12.               Out of county travel





13.               Review and approve December bills


Motion by Olson, second by Maki to approve the December bills.  Motion carried.


14.               Adjournment


Motion by Pearson, second by Maki to adjourn at 7:50 p.m. Motion carried.